3 Helpful Uses of the Reiki Power Symbol


The power symbol, also known as Choku Rei (pronounced: “Cho-Koo-Ray”) is one of the four foundational symbols used in Reiki healing. Its primary use is to enhance the power of Reiki and can also be used to serve as protection. The word name Choku Rei roughly translates to “Place the power of the universe here.” This translation gives a hint into the usage of the power symbol.

cho ku rei reiki healing symbol

Think of it as an amplifier with the ability to boost your ability to channel Reiki energy. When practicing Reiki, if you draw or visualize the symbol in front of you, you’ll have access to more healing energies; when used with other symbols, such as Karuna symbols, the power symbol enhances their abilities as well. The symbols can be drawn with your hand, finger, or eyes. Repeating “Choku Rei” also allows you to access the power symbol in your healing.

In terms of timing, the power symbol can be employed at any point of a Reiki session. I like to use it at the beginning of a session to empower all of the ensuing Reiki energy.

Step 1: Prepare a Treatment

As mentioned, the power symbol helps you attain higher Reiki energy levels, it’s often extremely helpful to repeat the visualization or drawing of the power symbol at the beginning of a practice to achieve higher Reiki energy levels, repeating as many times as needed.

This may seem confusing if you’re still trying to learn Reiki, but remember that the power symbol is the amplifier of Reiki and so starting out by making sure you have enough energy for the treatment is extremely helpful in ensuring your treatment will have the desired effects and benefits.


Step 2: Focus and Amplify

If you’re trying to pin point an area on the body for channeling Reiki energy, drawing or visualizing the power symbol on the specific area can help you focus  Reiki energy there and amplify the effects of the Reiki energy. This is especially relevant for treatment concerning physical ailments as it allows you to focus on one spot and really make sure it receives enough Reiki healing.

When used in pair with other symbols, the power symbol helps make the effects of the other symbols stronger. By amplifying their benefits the power symbol can help maximize the impact you have with your treatment. This applies for both self Reiki and when conducting Reiki on others. For example, drawing the power symbol on or near a chakra you’d like to treat can help you channel Reiki energy to that area of the patient’s body.

7 chakras body map reiki healing

Check out this post on chakras and Reiki healing if you’re unfamiliar with or would like to learn more about chakras.


Step 3: Seal and Protect

At the end of a treatment, if you’d like to ensure the energies that have been channeled are not quickly dispersed from the patient, using the power symbol to seal and protect is a good strategy. This is a good way to ensure longer lasting benefits of the Reiki treatment and helping ward off recurrence that may come from energies dissipating.

I find  a strong seal from using the power symbol can be protective as well, the longer the benefits of the Reiki treatment can be felt, the longer the patient will enjoy being free from whatever their ailment.


These are just three of my favorite uses of the power symbol which I’ve found effective Reiki masters do in their treatments. The uses of the power symbol are vast and not just limited to these three use cases.

We’d love to hear about how you use Choku Rei in your Reiki practice, feel free to leave a comment to tell us about your tips and tricks!


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