A Beginner’s Guide to the 7 Chakras


The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word cakra and is pronounced “Cha”-“Krah”. Chakras are energy centers within the body used for focused meditation practices. In the ancient Sanskrit, there are many different chakras within the body. But that would require a very complex explanation of an incredibly old belief system. Instead, in most of the western world and many in modern day India where the Sanskrit was written, the focus of these meditations is on 7 chakra centers.

The chakras are described as spinning wheels within the body that send life force flowing through from one chakra to another. They are detailed by the lotus flower, a flower that blossoms in muddy dark areas. The deeper the mud, the more beautiful the blossom. See the connection? This life was never meant to be linear. There are few things we possess the ability to manipulate. However, our reactions to the outside world and how we feel on the inside is certainly energy we can harness.

Each of the 7 chakras is an energy center, a vortex within, a place where our most inner emotions are present. They are represented by lotus flowers with varying petals and symbols standing for their elements and mantras. These chakras exist in the etheric level of an aura, meaning they exist outside and within the physical body simultaneously.

Their purpose is to give vitality to our lives by filtering energy throughout our entire system. Each chakra relates back to specific physical and emotional needs to keep that area healthy.  

Throughout this post, I consistently mention how vital it is to balance your chakras. There are many ways to do so.

Balancing Your Chakras
I personally use this 7 Chakra Balancing Bracelet that I purchased from a Arhatic Yogi in India. I’ve brought 20 additional ones for my readers. If you’d like one, please click here.

The Root Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Root Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

Like roots to a tree, the root chakra grounds the physical self to this world while providing sustainable energy to higher centers in the chakra system. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and pertains to the most basic human needs on this material plane. By balancing and opening this chakra through meditations and healing practices this first chakra gives the energy one needs for self-care and survival.

When this chakra is open a person will have the will required to meet their basic human needs such as shelter, clothing, food, and water. Since people all over the world have very different living conditions capturing those needs will look different from one person to the next. However, feelings of security and the ability to stay present in the moment are good indicators this chakra is balanced.

When this chakra is not balanced and open feelings such as insecurity and anxiety can overwhelm the body. Physically one can feel incredibly fatigued and struggle with constipation issues. Like a pendulum the chakras can swing from one extreme to the next if the signs of problems are ignored. An overactive chakra, on that is emitting too much energy, can lead to impulsive and greedy decision making. Since they do not feel self-reliant and those basic needs are not being met it is easy to become dependent on others and go through periods of anger.  Disconnected any way from the root chakra can make a person feel as if they are living inside their own head unable to escape thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, it is important to stay grounded and inside the physical body, connected to the root chakra. Meditations and healing practices can help balance and open all chakras.

The Sacral Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Sacral Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

The second chakra is the sacral chakra located just below the navel. It controls the sense of taste and hunger for life. Creativity, sexuality, and the permission to give ourselves abundance live within the sacral chakra.  Our sense of boundaries develops at this energy center, lending the discrimination to identify what will and will not bring enrichment. Letting us create life and move from one station to the next in the material world.

When the sacral chakra is open and balanced, general moods feel easy, and confidence is high and healthy. The ability to create and grow feels obtainable and the want to do so is present. The sex drive is healthy without any reproductive health issues.

Since this chakra is associated with reproductive health, a reduced libido or reproductive issues can be a sign of an imbalance. Furthermore, a feeling of melancholy can dominate and make life feel and taste bland and unappealing. When there is an overflow of energy boundaries are limitless, even concerning those experiences that are less than favorable. Sexual promiscuity, aggressiveness, and anxiety can become dominate traits in the case of an overactive sacral chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Solar Plexus Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

The solar plexus is like a warm sunny ball of internal light spinning at the diaphragm. It is associated with personal will power and self-worth. It controls how much energy is put out and taken in from our daily interactions with other people. By gaining a clear and strong sense of self, we create deep and genuine connections.

When the solar plexus is open we are possess the ability to establish ideas and make plans to execute each step. It is possible to assert personal willpower and be clear of negative outside energy. This leads to good self-esteem with physical energy to spare. The solar plexus is related to the digestive system and helps to transform matter into energy for the body. We also tend to make good food choices for our bodies when in balance, giving us fuel instead of something to fill a voided feeling.

Because the solar plexus is related to the digestive system binge eating, weight issues, and pancreatitis are ailments common in an imbalance. An overactive solar plexus can create eating disorders in the desire for control. Someone with an overactive third chakra is usually overly assertive and confrontational. They seek perfection and their stubbornness can inhibit personal growth.

The Heart Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Heart Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

Above the solar plexus at the center of the chest is the life enriching heart chakra. This energy creates a bridge between the lower chakras and the upper, and when centered it connects grounded earthly needs with spiritual awakening. Without this bridge, one cannot successfully transcend to higher level of thought and feeling.

When this precious chakra is balanced we have love for ourselves and others. That is a special gift. As hard as it seems some days it can be easy to forgive and show compassion toward other people. However, one of the biggest hardships of mankind is showing those things to ourselves. When we can accept change, and give kindness to our-self that frees us from harsh internal ridicule and allows change to happen.

When the heart chakra is imbalanced physical heart issues can occur. Feelings of depression, coldness, self-misery, and disconnect bury the emotional state. When we have an overactive heart chakra it is possible to lose personal boundaries and identity. Without the ability to feel deeply and make human connections a false act substantiates words and actions while turmoil plays inside.  

The Throat Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Throat Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

Fueled by true purpose, communication, and one’s principle of expression, the throat chakra creates a bottleneck passage between the lower parts of the body and the head. This center harnesses energy to create the direction of self-expression. Physically the throat chakra affects the vocal chords and thyroid gland.

This chakra is strengthened every time truth and good integrity is expressed. It is what connects the feelings we harbor within the heart chakra to the thoughts at the brow. When this center is open and balanced, expression is easy and we feel our purpose.

When the throat chakra is imbalanced, our truth does not leave our heart. When we fail to speak our truth, our integrity is compromised. On the other end of the spectrum an overactive throat chakra can lead to condescension, non-stop talking with no substance, and gossiping. Artistic expression is one healthy way to help clear any built-up energy coming from the heart chakra into an imbalanced or overactive throat chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Third Eye Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

Commonly known as the third eye, the brow chakra sits above the nose right at the brow line not the middle of the forehead. This chakra acts as a command center for our physical, emotional, and mental wellness. It is here where thoughts are analyzed and our intuition and wisdom have a say in what is next. It is a place for psychic gifts, and profound inspiration.

When balanced it is the brow chakra that will use knowledge of the past, which may not be this lifetime, to accept the present and feel fearless of the future. This creates a logical and intuitive approach to everyday life. When we allow ourselves to trust in our higher selves, and we create independence.  

When the brow chakra is imbalanced or closed, we become deaf to our higher self. Decision making becomes tedious and superstition resides over logical thought. Those who fall into this are usually incredibly cynical because of the inability to reach higher understanding, or see a bigger picture.  An overactive and burdened brow chakra relies solely on knowledge taught and spins in a world of theories with no action. The inability to trust in intuition can cause anxiety, insomnia, and paranoia.

The Crown Chakra

A beginner's guide to the Crown Chakra, found on Reiki Helper

The crown chakra sits on top on the head, just like a crown. This is where our physical and spiritual selves gain enlightenment. The crown chakra is the energy center of renewal and transcendence. It is where we gain true empathy toward our fellow man.

When a person becomes enlightened, feelings of love magnify throughout the body. They feel grounded, able, and wise because they become connected to the Source; a collective cresting pool of measureless energy.

When the crown chakra is imbalanced, or closed, they are unable to access higher states of consciousness and stay close-minded to anything outside of their immediate knowledge. This creates feelings of cynicism and egotistic actions. An overactive crown chakra will draw in depression and confusion.

Balancing Your Chakras:

I hope you enjoyed this post. I mention the importance of balancing your chakras quite a bit. If you are interested in purchasing the same Chakra Balancing Bracelet that I use, click the link below. This is an incredibly high-quality Chakra bracelet, hand-crafted in India and should last you a long, long time.

Balancing Your Chakras
I personally use this 7 Chakra Balancing Bracelet that I purchased from a Arhatic Yogi in India. I’ve brought 20 additional ones for my readers. If you’d like one, please click here.

Reiki Healing:

All living beings have a life force within them. It is through this life force that we are connected to other people, and even plants and animals. It is through this lifeforce that nearly anyone can offer energy healing to another living being. However, Reiki Healing is a strong energy healing practice that must be taught and learned from a Reiki Master.

Reiki healing can be set up like a massage session. But the healer does not place their hands directly on the person to whom they are offering healing. Guiding their hands inches above the other person, or any living being, they use themselves as a vessel for the healing energy to pass and transmit good and healing energy into the recipient, acting as a conduit if you will.

If a person is experiencing any type of disturbance or imbalance within their chakra energy center, a reiki healer has the ability to assist restoration and balance to the affected areas.

Because the reiki healer is a vessel, and not giving away their own energy, this medicine is limitless and harmless to both giver and receiver.


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