Why Reiki Crystals Are a Powerful Tool


In this post, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite Reiki healing accessories and how to use it in your own Reiki practice. As I continued my Reiki journey I was introduced to the usage of what are known as Reiki crystals. In essence, Reiki crystals help your tap into more Reiki energy and also allow you to control the energy with more precision. I’ve found that in my own practice, the usage of crystals has helped make my Reiki healing a lot more effective than when I practiced Reiki without them.


Today I’ll be walking through a couple of my favorite use cases with Reiki crystals.


Colors and Chakras:

Some of you may be familiar with the idea of Chakras, for those that aren’t check out this series I wrote covering the relevance and purpose of the Seven Chakras (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), and their association with various colors. As it turns out, these colors aren’t arbitrary and neither are the Reiki crystals one can utilize in helping channel Reiki energy.


7 chakras body map reiki healing


When it comes to using Reiki crystals to balance chakras, if you place a crystal of the color associated with each chakra you can help greatly accelerate the chakra balancing process. What this means for you is more time focusing on other aspects of the Reiki session. A review of the association of the chakras and their respective colors and some helpful tips on what crystals to use are are as follow:


crown chakra violet reiki healingCrown chakra – Violet
At the crown you can use clear quartz or a violet stone.


third eye chakra reiki healingThird eye chakra – Indigo
An indigo or dark blue crystal is ideal, placed at the brow.


throat chakra reiki healing Throat chakra – Blue
Use a light blue crystal, placing it at the bottom of the neck, right above the clavicle.


heart chakra reiki healingHeart chakra – Green
At the center of the chest, a green stone is ideal, should you be working on clearing emotional blockages a pink stone works well.


solar plexus chakra reiki healingSolar Plexus chakra – Yellow
A yellow stone or quartz are ideal for balancing the solar plexus, placed between the belly button and ribs.


sacral chakra reiki healingSacral chakra – Orange
An orange stone at the lower abdomen.


root chakra reiki healingRoot chakra – Red
A single red stone at the bottom of the back or two red stones at the top of each leg.

Using the above outlined stones with the chakras can help you balance the patients chakras with greater ease and allow you to go further with your Reiki healing. When placing your stones, it’s best to start placing them starting from the bottom and when finished remove the stones starting from the top.

Quartz, the Swiss Army Knife:

You can use quartz in all sorts of ways when combining it with Reiki. I’ll be doing a post in the coming days on the usage of Reiki Crystal Grids which relies heavily on the usage of quartz.
You may have noticed from he list above that quartz is mentioned a couple of times for different chakras. This is due to the universal nature of quartz when it comes to Reiki energy. Being clear, quartz is represented by all of the colors making it compatible with any chakra and different parts of your body. Given this, a Reiki practice using just quartz can be highly effective.


Picking Crystals:

I’m of the thinking that you can use any crystal that fits your needs, so long as you properly purify them (post on that coming soon!) but my wife Erica feels strongly about picking the “right”  crystals. If you want to incorporate her thoughts as you consider including crystals and stones in your Reiki practice, her recent post on choosing the right crystals by Sensing and Feeling Crystal Energy is definitely worth the read.



To sum, using Reiki crystals can be highly beneficial to your practice. It is by no means required and you’ll be just fine not using them. Trying them out however is definitely worth trying. The amazing thing about Reiki in general is you cannot do no harm. There’s no fault or problem in just trying them out. They can help make balancing chakras a lot easier and also help improve your overall Reiki healing.


What are your experiences about Reiki crystals? Have they been beneficial? Please share your experiences and stories with us in the comments below!

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