What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that helps you reduce stress and negativity within the mind, body and soul. By using the universal energy channels, Reiki practitioners can create a flow of positive energy into your body, which helps in healing. Reiki helps you naturally cleanse and renew your body, so you have an abundance supply of new, good energy. Both the practitioner and patient are fully connected throughout the process. Best of all, Reiki can be learned by anyone! Watch Dr. Oz explain Reiki and its benefits to the right. 

This blog will help you learn everything from the basics of Reiki to actual tools and techniques you can use to heal your patients.

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How to Get Started

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Have you ever wanted just one resource to learn everything about Reiki? Here it is! We’ve written The Complete Guide to Learning Reiki, which covers topics that are useful for beginners and advanced instructors. And it’s free!