An Introduction to Reiki Level 2 Attunement


If you haven’t already read about Reiki Level 1 Attunement, you should do that first! Reiki Level 2 Attunement is the next step to completing your Reiki training. While Level 1 revolved around healing yourself, Level 2 focuses more around healing others. Yes, even remotely! The core principle of healing in Level 2 revolves around 3 symbols:

  1. The power symbol
  2. The mental emotional symbol
  3. The distance symbol

These symbols must be given and taught to you by your Reiki master. Only then will they be of any use. And don’t be fooled – these symbols are key to unlocking your full Reiki potential. They allow you, as a healer, to develop a better and deeper connection to the universal life force energy. The rest of this post will be spent diving into these symbols and their benefits for your Reiki training.

Symbol 1: The Power Symbol

cho ku rei reiki healing symbol

Choku Rei, the power symbol, is used to focus the healing energy on the specific chakra, body part or place. As a practitioner, it is completely in your hands to determine which body part of chakra this symbol is used for, specifically. This is one of the awesome benefits of Reiki in my opinion – it provides the healer with complete and utter trust to heal the patient. You make the call, based on each situation and context. The trust, the communication, and the training is what makes Reiki so effective in my opinion.

Once focused on a body part or chakra, the universal energy channels themselves become expanded. This allows for more energy flow into the body of the practitioner, which is then transferred to the patient. If you use this symbol with any one of the other 2 symbols, this will create additional healing power, which truly helps you help your patient. Here are 3 powerful uses of the power symbol. 


Symbol 2: The Mental Emotional Symbol

sei hei ki reiki symbol mental

The second symbol that’s passed on during Level 2 Attunement is Sei He Ki. Sei He ki is known as the mental emotional symbol, which helps you align and bring together the left and right sides of your brain. By helping our brain come together, we can use this symbol to regain control of our mind. This lets us stop and prevent our negative habits and behaviors, such as smoking, alcoholism, weight loss and even drug addiction.

Additionally, the mental and emotional symbol helps to make our mind sharp and improves memory retention, in both the conscious and subconscious. The left side of our brain spurs up the creativity and the right side does this. Sei He Ki brings these two sides together to increase and improve our productivity, memory retention and overall mental health.


Symbol 3: The Distance Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the third and final symbol in this series, and is known as the distance symbol. This symbol is what helps facilitate remote healing. The distance symbol allows universal energies to be transmitted across time and space, without the need for physical contact.

Here’s the part that makes this symbol the most unique – it allows you to send the healing energies into the past, to help heal and get rid of trauma from previous lives (or even earlier in this life). By healing that past tragic experience, the mind, body and soul can move on with positive energy and remove any lasting negative energy left from the incident.



The three symbols that we discussed are essential and key to successful Reiki healing. However, you can only receive them from your Reiki master during your Level 2 Attunement (learn about Level 1 here). Once you complete the Attunement and these symbols are in your toolbox, you can exponentially increase your healing power as a practitioner. You can focus the universal force energies to target individuals that you want to heal. You can remove negative energy clusters from past incidents.

Level 2 Attunement helps you, as a Reiki practitioner, to move on from healing just yourself to helping others. The true power in these symbols are not the drawings; rather, it’s the meaning and power that are associated with these symbols and your application of them.

So go forth – grab these symbols and start healing!

Happy Reiki-ing!


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