How Karuna Reiki Helped Me Get Up and Keep Fighting


I love sharing stories of how Reiki actually helps in everyday life. Most of the times, all we hear about are the extreme examples of how Reiki helped cure a cancerous patient or a severe case of depression, that we ignore the smaller stories that are prevalent throughout everyday life. Here is a story of how Reiki helped save me from a case of severe food poisoning and heat stroke.

Story Background:

I travel extensively for work. In fact, I’m on a plane at least twice a week, which generally means my immune system takes a beating. I’m resorted to eat outside almost every day, meaning I lose control over the freshness of ingredients that actually go into my body. It is something I overlooked when I was younger, but with age catching up, my body processes food a lot differently. Unfortunately, this time, the food was horrendous.

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This particular week, my work took me to Los Angeles, coincidentally, the city where I grew up and my folks live. I’ll get to why this is relevant in a bit. After work on Tuesday evening, my colleagues and I went out for a bite to eat at a local pizzeria. Trying to be adventurous, I added a new topping to my usual pizza selection: Asiago cheese. Boy, was that a bad, bad decision. The next morning, I woke up with a slight stomach ache. Thinking nothing of it, I drank a glass of warm water and headed into work.


During my lunch breaks, I often go to the gym to squeeze in a work out and today was no different. I started off on the tread mill, for a warm up jog. Very quickly, my mild stomach ache quickly turned into excruciating pain and my body felt weaker and weaker. I ended up passing out two feet next to the treadmill. The pain kept growing, my head began hurting as well, and everything seemed like a blur. Almost like a very bad dream. Not knowing what was wrong, I went into the locker room to take a shower and hope that did wonders. Wrong again!


It was time to call quits on the day. I rang my mom, who awesomely enough, is a Level 2 certified Reiki instructor. She told me to come over and she would prep her Reiki room. I’m blessed to have my entire family not only support the idea of me learning and teaching others the Reiki, but having them follow it as well. My mom performed Karuna Reiki on me, using compassionate healing to help me.

What is Karuna Reiki:

For those not familiar with Karuna Reiki, it is different from from the traditional Usui system in that it’s more focused, disciplined and definite. There are four Karuna 1 master symbols that Reiki masters will focus on during the healing process:

  1. First Symbol: Prepares the deep healing process and instills karma at the cellular level, which allows connection to the patient
  2. Second Symbol: Initiates the actual deep healing process and begins attacking the web of negativity within the patient. This begins to cleanse the person of any doubts, denials, and self-destructive thoughts
  3. Third Symbol: Restores the balance in the patient by injecting them with a huge dose of unconditional love and energy. This is the purest form of healing and what the core of Reiki is ultimately based on
  4. Fourth Symbol: The last symbol, which helps to close out the Reiki session. It connects the person back to their newly refreshed body, that is filled with optimism, glow and hope for what is next

During these four different stages, my mom helped rid the negativity that clouded my mind as a result of food poisoning and a high fever. My body immediately began to push out the weakness and disease, and made room for new, positive thought that helped me conquer my body and become in charge. Often times, Reiki is like a restart button for your body. It helps you get back in the driver seat, and steer your own path, instead of being a victim to everyday problems.


While this story is nowhere close to demonstrating the comprehensive powers and effect of Reiki, it does provide a good glimpse of what is possible. Reiki helps in both extreme, and non-extreme situations. All it requires is someone who knows how to perform Reiki and faith in the process. The rest comes naturally.

As always, Happy Reiki-ing!


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