How to Sense and Feel Crystal Energy

“My Crystals Are Not Working!”

One of the most common questions that I get asked is how to find the right crystals for you. Going into a crystal shop can be quite intimidating at times, and it’s often hard to judge the genuine intent of a sales agent. Most of my Reiki students who have aimlessly gone into a crystal shop and purchased the “highly recommended” crystal by the sales rep have regretted it.

Undoubtedly, questions and comments like the ones below come up:

  • I bought this crystal the other day, but I don’t get anything from it. I can’t feel any of the buzzing or tingling sensations. Did I buy a bad crystal?
  • This crystal almost makes me feel worse after holding it, than before. Is this normal?
  • How do I know if a crystal is working for me?
  • Should the crystal be hot or cold when holding it in my hand?
  • Is there a particular type of crystal that is better for Reiki healing than other crystals?

I’ll answer this, along with many other questions in this post.

How to Pick Your Crystal:

reiki crystals healing energy

The day you pick out your first crystal is similar in my head to the day Harry Potter picks out his first wand. He needs a wand that calls to him. A wand that respects and executes the spells he casts, and feels right in his hand. Harry and the wand need to have a connection, for the wand-keeper to be able to give Harry the magical powers.

Similarly, a crystal is a critical tool that will help you in your Reiki journey. Choosing the right crystals for you is key. However, contrary to popular belief, finding the right crystal is not easy. The crystal and you need to have a connection. A bond stronger than that of Harry and his wand.

The best way to choose a crystal is by doing the following:

  1. Research beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the different types of crystals available, and the general intent for each crystal.
  2. Read reviews on the crystals and see how others have utilized the crystal. Understand where the crystal was found and figure out its claim to fame.
  3. Digest the information, and note down any crystal families that naturally catch your attention.
  4. With your list of crystal families that you are drawn to, visit your closest crystal shop and begin looking around
  5. Determine which crystal you are most drawn to. Ignore other variables like size or cost. Simply look at the crystals and find the one that catches your eye.
  6. Purchase ONLY 1-2 crystals, and begin the connection process

The key to choosing the right crystal is to make sure that you are drawn to it. Too often, we are drawn to information that others want us to believe (i.e. the sales agent telling you a certain crystal is better than others). Choose the crystal that you are most drawn to. Similar to humans, no two crystals are alike. Each crystal is unique, and the connection with its owner is unique.

Connecting With Your Crystal:

Reiki Crystal Meditation

Connecting with your crystal does not happen overnight. It is a process. One that requires you to put in time and effort to get to know your crystal and harness its energy. Typically, it takes Reiki practitioners about 2-3 weeks to fully connect with their crystal on a level that they feel comfortable with. Because of this, you do not ever want to buy more than 1-2 crystals at a time. Give each crystal the attention and care it needs, and it will provide you with an abundance of positive energy.

During these first 2-3 weeks, you will want to do the following:

  • Grab a piece of paper for each crystal that you are connecting with
  • Every day, sit down with your legs crossed and hands in a lotus position. Place the crystal inside of your lotus hands, close your eyes and meditate.
  • Write down anything and everything that you thought of during that meditation process including:
    • Physical Reaction: Did the crystal feel warm or cold in your hands?
    • Physical Reaction: Did you feel any buzzing or vibrating sensations in your hands?
    • Emotional Reaction: How did the crystal make you feel? Happy or sad?
    • Emotional Reaction: Do you feel more at peace after the meditation process?
    • Mental Reaction: What did you think about during the meditation process?
    • Mental Reaction: What images are popping in your head? Are you thinking of things that you had previously pushed aside?
    • Mental Reaction: Did the crystal help you focus on what is important, or did it lead you in many different directions?

You want to repeat this process every day for 2-3 weeks. If you want to help accelerate the process, carry the crystal with you and try holding it as much as possible. The purpose of this is to tune into the crystal’s energy channels and connect them with our own universal life force energy. The chakras and the crystals energy need to have an open pathway that allows the energy to travel freely.

After each meditation session, look at the list of things that happened. Were they positive or negative? This will help determine how in tune you are with the crystal’s energy. To tune in and feel the crystal’s energy, you do not necessarily need to have the physical reactions. Everybody is completely different, and will react in a manner unique to them after holding their crystal.


To tune and feel crystal energy, you don’t need to necessarily have buzzing or heat. Everybody is going to be completely different. You are completely unique. All crystals are unique. No two crystals, like no two humans, are alike. When reading what a “crystal can and can’t do,” take that with a grain of salt. The crystal can do whatever you want it to do. Once you start connecting with your unique energy with the crystals, your senses will be in tune with you.

If at the end of this 3 week session, you feel much better and more positive, then you have a crystal that is right for you! If you feel indifferent or worse, choose a different crystal. Finding the right one is an essential process that will equip you for the rest of your Reiki journey.



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