Introduction to The Seven Chakras Part 1

We updated this post and created an in-depth beginner’s guide to the 7 Chakras here

What are Chakras?

This is a question I had for ages but never quite answered. I always assumed it was some thing having to do with yoga that I didn’t really need to know. To be honest, I completely ignored the idea of chakras for a long time but I realize now that this was a BIG mistake.

In a three part series I’ll be explaining why Chakras are immensely helpful for an effective Reiki practice. Not only are they helpful for Reiki, chakras can be beneficial in their own right. We’ll be covering the basics of all 7 chakras, some useful tips, and why its worth your time to learn about them.

Overview of Chakras:

The idea of chakras originated over 3,000 years ago. In essence, chakras are a tool by which we can understand the ailments and balance of our physical bodies. As a skeptic, I wasn’t convinced of the merits of chakras until I learned the seven main chakras identified through thousands of years of Eastern Medicine align perfectly with the seven main nerve ganglia backed by Western Medicine. That’s pretty compelling evidence!

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It’s believed that the chakras are a function of the psyche, and that healing of the body can be attained through meditation in combination with medicine. Each chakra represents a different area of the body and can have both mental and physical symptoms. Balancing each chakra can be done through diet, action, meditation, Reiki, and sometimes medicinal intervention.

Modern yogis often use the phrase “balance the chakras,” which sounds more complicated than it is. You can balance your own chakras at home by blending the teachings of Reiki with the ancient aryuvedic emphasis on the chakras.

So with that, lets dive into the seven chakras!


Muladhara the Root Chakra

Color: Red
Location: Start of the spine, tailbone and base

Root chakra, credit Resonance Meditation

The root chakra is the base of the body. It is the location of the three most primal instincts: money, food, and sex. Focus on this area can bring a balance of the three “Big S’s:” Spirituality, Stability, and Sensuality.
If your root chakra is out of line, you might begin to feel adrift or insecure with your primal foundation. Stress over money and food can also lead to an imbalance of the root chakra. Focusing Reiki energy on the base of the body will center the mind and ease these feelings of tension.

As the base of the body, the root chakra is what makes us feel grounded and connected to the world physically. To aid in the balance of this chakra, try taking off your shoes and socks and walking on the ground, connecting to and really feeling each step. You can stomp around and let your body naturally come to a more relaxed state.

As the namesake suggests, root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes are the food most commonly associated with the balance of this chakra. Eating red foods such as beets and peppers can help reconnect you to your primal instincts.

Another way to open up this chakra is through yoga positions that stretch the pelvic muscles and the spine. “Kundalini” Yoga is specifically designed around the energy of the root chakra, but if that is too intimidating, start by integrating a simple Bridge Pose into your daily routine.

Still a skeptic? This is the location and association with the gonads and the adrenal medulla, most commonly associated with the fight-or-flight basic survival responses.


Svadhishthana the Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange
Location: Lower abdomen

Sacral chakra, credit Resonance Meditation

This chakra is directly above the reproductive organs, but has deeper connections than sexuality alone. Syadhishthana is closely paired with creativity and emotions such as joy and enthusiasm. The sacral chakra is our relationship center, and by balancing it we can stabilize relationship turmoil and we can focus here to deal with issues of violence, addictions, and to bring pleasure into our lives. It is also believed that when the sacral chakra is balance, we become more fertile.

If your sacral chakra is out of line, you may begin to fall into emotional vices, lack creativity, or feel inadequate and unfulfilled sexually. Eating orange foods can help naturally balance this chakra and bring more passion into your life. Nuts are also believed to help sustain the mind and body back to positivity. It may seem silly, but try yoga poses that can help stimulated the pelvis, Cobra as well as basic pelvic thrusts can help activate this center and reconnect you to the sacral chakra.

Still skeptical? We don’t need to be doctors to remind you of the connection between this area and the reproductive organs! The sacral chakra is directly above the gonads or ovaries (depending on your gender) and increased blood flow to this area can reignite passion within you mentally and physically.

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