What is Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that helps you reduce stress and negativity within the mind, body and soul. By using the universal energy channels, Reiki practitioners can create a flow of positive energy into your body, which helps in healing. Reiki helps you naturally cleanse and renew your body, so you have an abundance supply of new, good energy. Both the practitioner and patient are fully connected throughout the process. Best of all, Reiki can be learned by anyone! This blog will help you learn the basics of Reiki, advanced Reiki techniques and resources to become a better practitioner.


Reiki Benefits:

Many people often wonder just how powerful and useful Reiki truly is. It is one of the leading natural healing techniques, and has helped people in countless ways. The best part is that you can learn it by yourself. Here are just some of the benefits that Reiki healing provides:

  • Reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety in your body
  • Increase relaxation so your body can recharge
  • Full body cleanse of harmful toxins
  • Reduce physical pain, including aches, joint pain, cancer pain, etc.
  • Increase the positive energy within your body
  • Stop and prevent bad habits (smoking, nail biting, etc.)
  • Enhance natural creativity, without additional supplements
  • Heal broken relationships and reconnect with loved ones
  • Promote psychological healing, reducing anger and fear
  • Self discovery and soul-searching


Real Reiki Success Stories:

Many people are still skeptical about Reiki and its benefits. Here is one story I share from my own personal experience. Below are true Reiki stories from my own patients and friends, that display just how powerful Reiki truly is. It has changed the lives of my patients, family, and friends, and I am eternally grateful.


maureen fisher reiki healer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the doctor told me I had 6-9 months to live, if I underwent intensive chemotherapy. My friend came to visit me in the hospital and performed Reiki. After my second Reiki treatment, I felt a burst of energy within me, which was pushing the cancer out. Today, I celebrate my two year cancer-free anniversary, with my husband and two boys. Reiki saved my life.

– Maureen Fisher, Cancer Survivor 2013


spencer rollins reiki healer

A single mother called me, looking for a shoulder to lean on. She had just gone through a rough divorce, lost her job, and suffered from depression. I began performing Reiki on her, remotely. We had two sessions a week, for three months. By our last session, she was smiling consistently again. She began dating her now husband, got her dream job, and most importantly, was happy again. She’s now also a Reiki instructor.

-Spencer Rollins, Reiki Certified Level 2 Instructor


anita patel reiki healer

My husband was a chain smoker. I hated that habit of his, and tried to make him quit smoking. Nothing worked – not the patch, gum or pills. I tried my luck with using Reiki to help him stop this habit, with one session a day. I even bought him a Tiger Eye Stone bracelet to remind him of his promise to me. A week later, he had a revelation that removed the negative energy associated with smoking. I am a much happier wife!

-Anita Patel, Reiki Certified Level 2 Instructor